NEWS (05/2016): 

Hello, welcome to my site!! I haven’t updated my site for a long time… Hopefully the new site will see the light sometime later this year. Until then on this page you can find some clips of my most recent work.

Sofar it has been an amazing year. At the moment I’m shooting two feature documentaries (Teledoc) in The Netherlands. For Cobos Film I just started with  Olivier van der Zee  on ‘Helse Pijn’ (‘Hellish pain’), a film that follows an anesthesiologist at AMC hospital in Amsterdam, who tries to make the lives better of people who live with chronic pain. For Keydocs I have almost finished shooting  ‘Een boerenmysterie’ (‘a farmers mystery’) with Vuk Janic, where we follow a dairy farmer and his family who perform a daily battle to avoid bankruptcy. From the third week of May I will be shooting ‘Marjoun and the flying headscarf’ a feature film for Susan Youssef in Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m really excited about shooting a fiction movie in the USA.

Earlier this year at Berlinale 2016 ‘Ants on a Schrimp’ (review) went into premiere, a cinema documentary that I shot for Maurice Dekkers. The film is about one of the world’s best restaurant, the Copenhagen based NOMA and its renowned chef-owner René Redzepi, who relocates the restaurant and its entire staff to Tokyo for five weeks. ‘Ants on a Shrimp’ just screened at Hotdocs in Toronto and will continue touring festivals until it’s release in theaters in september in The Netherlands, France, Japan, United States and Australia.




Struggling for some years now ‘The Barefoot Shoemaker’ (Beatrice Dina) is in the final stages of post-production! We went to shoot the film with no budget, after our Roman production company had eaten up most of the budget from the Italian film Fund.. Taking place in the Indian province of Goa ‘The Barefoot Shoemaker’ is a true story of struggle, self-discovery, redemption and transformation of two former heroin addicts, who trade their life of a junkie for that of a shoemaker. TRAILER:



With Jack Janssen I filmed for almost two years at the farm of John Klaver, a dairy farmer who keeps running his family business in the Dutch peasant tradition of the North; stubborn and averse to regulation. But for the past seven years they have had to comply with a growing number of environmental rules, that prevent them from growing bigger. It was a feast to follow John and his family for such a long time.  ‘Geboren boeren’ was broadcast by EO on the 4th of Januari 2016 on NPO2 (see the entire film here)  




The past two years I have regularly worked for these high quality TV series of VPRO; the most fun, serious and in-depth documentary channel on Dutch Television. To see the episodes of ‘Backlight’ for which I did the photography click on the following links to be redirected to the VPRO website:

Doorbraak van Duurzaam

Fossiel Vrij

De Nieuwe Makers

We zijn het zat