In the winter of 2010 I filmed one of my best friends who made a roadtrip with his father through the Sahara desert to Burkina Faso. Together with Ruben van der hammen I finished the editing of our ‘documentary roadmovie’ in January 2013.

The film tells the story of my friend Guido Kleene and his father Paul as they travel from Holland to Burkina Faso through the desert. Paul has just taken his retirement, after having worked for over forty years as a development worker in Western Africa. Guido brings him back to Africa, in a white minivan stuffed with his last belongings from Holland.

Halfway through the desert Guido wants to know why his father left their family to stay in Africa for good. Slowly we find out that Paul’s passion for black women was the crux of his life. ‘Back to Ouagadougou’ is a documentary roadmovie about fatherhood, women and the struggle for love.


Direction, camera and sound: Hans Bouma. Shot on Panasonic DVX-100

For those interested:  We took a route leading via Tamanrasset in Algeria through Niger (Agadez) and Mali (Niono) to Burkina Faso. This route was closed for many years because of the violence in Algeria, but reopened in 2005. Since the war in Libia, and more recently in Mali, this route has become too dangerous again.