This film is in postproduction and due to be finished at the end of 2012. See Indiegogo fundraising campaign on: Short trailer of 3 minutes can been seen on Indiegogo site


The Barefoot Shoemaker is a true story of struggle, self-discovery, re-invention, redemption and transformation.

Filmmaker Beatrice Dina has painstakingly documented the life of Babu, a recovering heroin addict from Goa, India, who has traded the tormented life of a junkie for that of a shoemaker. Neglected as a child and abused by his family, The Barefoot Shoemaker tracks his journey from spiritual bondage to physical and economic freedom.

More than five years in the making, this film strives to shine a light not only on the dangers of drug addiction, but also to humanize the faceless multitudes who may have lost their way, but not their will to live, as they strive to liberate themselves from their destructive behaviors, and overcome social taboos to build new lives for themselves and their loved ones.

Director: Beatrice Dina    © MEBOOBA FILM/ZEDFILMs 2012