I made this film together with my friend Guido Kleene who, after doing research for his theatreproject, went to live in Kinshasa. I joined Guido during  his research for a couple of weeks and the result was this film that we finished in 2010.

From the synopsis: “In 2007 Kinshasa has become the stage for many charismatic churches to preach the Apocalypse. Since the collapse of the state after the war in Congo, many congolese believed that a parallell ‘second world’ of witchcraft was taking over society. It is estimated that between twenty en forty thousand streetchildren dwell in Kinshasa. Many of them have been accused of being witches by their own families and held responsible for the death of their family members.

Are the accusations of witchcraft the result of the recent upcoming of the charismatic churchmovement? Is it a sign of the emancipation of Africa? Or of a ‘hypermodern society’ in crisis?  Enfants Sorciers tries to give insight into the invisible world behind the accusations”.