The Pacifist is the first film I made together with Niels Horeman in Vukovar, Croatia, for VPRO’s ‘Waskracht!’. We filmed during the transition period of the ‘Dayton-agreement’ in early 1998, just before the ‘Republika Srpska Krajina’ was given back to the Croatians under UN supervision. Abundant with cynical comment and humour, main character Igor tells us the story of his family – a story which sadly too many people experienced in former Yugoslavia.

direction: Hans Bouma and Niels Horeman  © VPRO Waskracht! 1998

The film was shot in 5 days on the – back then – revolutionary DV-camera: the Sony VX1000. We had only 5 DVtapes with us after we left our bag with photo equipment and most of the tapes in a Hungarian gasstation. This made us choose very wisely which scenes to shoot and which not.